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A03. Who is an authorised representative?

An authorised representative has the consent of the retail customer to access electricity and metering data on their behalf. An authorised representative can also be a retail customer with more than 10 NMIs (sites).  Where an authorised representative is requesting meter data on behalf of the retail customer, they must have obtained prior consent from the customer.

An authorised representative can add multiple NMIs in a single transaction and can request meter data for multiple NMIs in a single transaction. Registering as an authorised representative also has the benefit of being able to register up to five representatives, each with their own login credentials for accessing the authorised representatives portal account.

The maximum number of NMIs an authorised representative can have associated with a portal account is 1000. When requesting meter data for multiple NMIs in a single transaction, they are limited to a maximum of 100 NMIs and 12 months of data. If 24 months of data is required, the meter data must be downloaded for a single NMI only.