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A10. What do the different report types mean when I'm requesting meter data?

Several formats are available to you when requesting meter data. The formats available are dependent on your metering type. When you select to Request Meter Data, the meter type applicable for the property will display.

The tables below show the formats available to you based on your metering type.

Accumulation Meter Type
 Summary format (pdf)

Summary format (csv)
Energy flow graphX
Energy flow data
Average daily load graphXX
30 minute intervalXX
Interval Meter Type
 Summary format (pdf)
Summary format (csv)
Detailed format (csv)
Energy flow graphXX
Energy flow tableX
Average daily load profileXX
30 minute intervalXX
15 minute intervalXX
5 minute

Energy flow graph and table: Shows the total energy the meters associated with your NMI have recorded for each period.
  • The General Supply and Controlled Load values show how much electricity you have used. The Generation value shows you how much energy you have provided to the grid. Where you premise has an interval meter installed, we are able to provide you with a Demand value for each period.
Average Daily Load Profile:  This graph shows your average electricity usage over the course of a day.
If you would like more information in understanding the data provided in the detailed report then please click here. How do I read the detailed report?

For additional information or assistance with analysing your consumption data, we recommend that you contact your Electricity Retailer directly.