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A11. How do I read the detailed report?

The detailed report format is also referred to as the NEM12 format.

A NEM12 file contains electricity consumption data as measured at the meter for a property.  The file is designed to enable a standard exchange of consumption data between participants in the Electricity Industry – essentially distributors and & retailers.

An outline of the records contained within a NEM12 file is shown in the following diagram.

Outline of NEM12
An abridged NEM12 file is available for download by customers and is known as the Detailed format.  It contains record types 200 and 300 which contain the information relevant to analysis of consumption by NMI at a property’s electricity supply point.

In some instances, the file may contain record type 400 which is a qualification of data for defined intervals within the associated 300 record.  This does not affect analysis of consumption.

An example of a NEM12 file
Example of NEM12 file

Detailed specification of the NEM12 format are defined in Meter Data File Format Specification NEM12 & NEM13 located on the AEMO website. Click here